Monday, September 16, 2013

Couch Round-up

I would say that I'm a chair person, not a couch person.  If the hard part in chair shopping for me is choosing among the plethora of chairs that I love, the hard part for buying a couch would be finding one that I'm super excited about.  Lately though, I've been seeing numerous couches that I really like....and since buying a couch is very low on our priority list, I thought I would share them with you.

1.  This is the typical sort of couch that I'm drawn to....clean lines with a cozy touch.      

2.  Lately though, I've been really loving a nice leather Chesterfield sofa.  You can't go wrong with this classic.
(anyone know the source beyond pinterest, let me know)

3. Ok.  This one made me stop in my tracks.  LOVE.

5.  Another perfect combination of design meets cozy.  It also looks like a really big safari chair, which I love.

PS.  Aside from Pinterest, I'm not a huge social media person, but I did get an instagram account for RestlessOasis if you would like to follow me there.  My private account is for close friends and family, I'm sure you understand:).


  1. i share in your pickiness of couches...
    what do you think about Thrive?
    is it too modern for your taste? there are a few of them i like.

    1. Oh, I love Thrive and their mid century couches! Since I have mid-century chairs (and am wanting a mid-century style coffee table) though, I need some variation in space :).