Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY Washi Tape Hanger

So I took an unannounced couple weeks off for Christmas, and I'm so glad I did.  I loved getting time to clear my mind and give undivided attention to my family.  I didn't really make any specific New Years Resolutions for this year, but I did spend a lot of time reassessing/thinking about my time and how I want to spend it this next year.  So if you could call it a resolution-  I resolve to declutter my life… make room for more quality (in all areas) vs. seeing how many things I can juggle at once.  That also translates here to this blog.  If you look back in my archives, you will see how not only this blog has evolved but my taste/style.  Though I inwardly cringe at some of those earlier posts, the reasons I haven't deleted any of them is because I think it's important to be ok with imperfection, with the evolution of something not just the end product.   So, this year you may see a little less of me (not too much I think), but hopefully it will be more authentic to me and my season of life right now… "not-perfectly-on-top-of-everything" life.
That said, this is a simply DIY I did for R's room.  I wanted to display this dress from her first birthday, and decided to dress up the hanger a little.  All you need?  A wooden hanger and some wash tape.