Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Tale of Two Chairs (and I'm still here)

Yes, I'm still here!  It's been a crazy month with three weeks of company, hosting Easter and a party, a teething two year old, a short bout of sickness, half marathon training….etc.  Unless I'm way on top of things, I usually prefer to take time off from the blog when we have company so that I can be fully present.  I never regret it, and this past month was no exception.  A lot of memories were made, and there were new places that we explored.
Today I thought I would share with you a transformation that I can't even take credit for…….rather, my mom is the miracle worker.  We bought these chairs in August with the plan to recover them.  It didn't take long before I realized it was a sewing job and not a reupholstery job…..so that fun reupholstery class I was planning on taking would be useless.  I found some old couch covers as a temporary fix and attempted to dye them grey and ended up with purple (awesome).  In February I was faced with a deadline I needed to have them done by (more on that later), and I was feeling overwhelmed with my sewing skills not being where they needed to be.  My mom came to the rescue and offered to recover them for me.  Just so you know how awesome she is……I actually mailed the original green covers and she took them apart for measurements and mailed me the new covers without even seeing the chairs.  

 I absolutely love the way they turned out.  You may not be able to see in this picture, but the fabric has a grainy texture which really adds to the overall look.


  1. These look great! I just picked up a pair of matching mid-century lounge chairs, which need to be reupholstered. Can I borrow your mom for a few days?

    1. Ha! I know, I lucked out! If you're feeling desperate though, I called around local places that recover/restore furniture and they quoted me at $250 for both chairs not including the fabric (a little pricey depending on how much you paid for the chairs, but if your desperate…….)

  2. These are absolutely beautiful. They are going to look great in your oasis!